Information about the web shop, Gabriella Cleuren, 2020

Information about the web shop

Gabriella Cleuren


A lovely selection by Gabriëlla Cleuren of works available for sale.

In order to make a purchase, click on the desired artwork(s). Then proceed by choosing a packaging and transport option (as explained below) and add those prices to the total. Finish by clicking the button Pay Now, pay the total and we will handle the rest with care.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us an email at or give us a call: +32 3 777 6776 


All prices are on the basis of EXW (Incoterms), unless otherwise stated. Without VAT.


Packaging is not included.
Additional packaging costs:
- For works on paper smaller or equal 42 x 29 cm in a cardboard tube coiled with release paper: 25 euros.
- For works on paper larger than 42 x 29 cm in a cardboard tube coiled with release paper: 50 euros.
- For work on canvas larger than 42 x 29 cm in a cardboard box with reinforcement: 250 euros.
- Objects : the price of the package is put in a separate bid.


Belgium: 30 euro
European Community: 50 Euro
Rest of the world: 100 Euro


All works are not framed. 

In case we have to frame we will sent a quotation.

My proposal of framing.

As my works are painted or drawn right up to their bearers (paper or linen), they have to be framed with a passe-partout, preferably in off-white, to allow a separation from their environment. Around that, a natural and light type of wood for a frame gives the best and most natural results. Also a lightly golden frame will do well, if so wished (heavy, pompous frames kill the work). Glass as a protector can be worked with and also a back with a hook to hang it up.
If they are marouflaged on linen, the same passe-partout edge applies, now for the linen around it, unless standard formats are opted for. Then a minimum edge of 9 cm should be kept to do the work justice. The linen is then tightened over those 9 cm, over a stretcher bar. Thus, the work can simply pose as painted on linen.
This applies for all works. For sizes of 73 x 110 cm, a 9 cm passe-partout is appropriate. For half sizes of 73 x 54 cm, 9 cm is optimal too. For smaller works, the passe-partout can shrink to a minimum of 7 cm. Very small works can be fixed to an off-white background of 35 x 45 cm in the middle or a little upwards, or the cut out in the middle, or made a little higher. That all depends on taste.

General conditions

Download the complete General Conditions ( PDF )

Also available in French, German and Dutch.

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