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December 1, 2017 - Gabriëlla Cleuren

Now you can become a curator. Make your own Cleuren collection and write about it. Get access to all her work and make your personal online exhibition. How? 

Contact us at You get via the website access to all the works of a series, you like. We will inform you of our conditions.

An artist with a powerful authenticity and drive? Take your time and discover Gabriëlla Cleuren. It is worthwhile!!!

Memory is her theme : memory pictures of the inner world, experienced in the 21e century, filled with thoughts, feelings, reflections analyses . The outside world ( many times) pictures of violence of our society, colored by political and international events, selected from the media, translated in a very own painting: a Goya world, mutated in a contemporary form .

Read more about Gabriella’s vision. During 40 years she was building at it , purging her technique, strongly influenced by the contemporary developments in IT.

Gabriëlla Cleuren, born 1942 in Kleine-Spouwen, Belgium , study of Norwegian art and music in Oslo, was a professor in history in Dutch language. She studied drawing, painting and sculpturing at the Art Academy of Sint-Niklaas and Hasselt and Pentiment in Hamburg.

50 years of self- development, study and daily experience made her work special. It was consolidated in different series.

During many years she lived on the emerald island of Bonaire( Dutch Antilles). That’s where her astonishing colors come from ,still today. She also lived for years in Hamburg where she was a member of the Seevetaler Künstler.

Since 1997 she lives and works in St-Niklaas. Four times she took part at the international festival of arts in Tunisia, Monastir. In St-Paul's Cathedral she was selected to take part in a project and an exhibition.

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