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About this website.

Now there are more items in the header menu.

This is how we want to inform you about the art works of Gabriëlle Cleuren.

NEWS : here you find the latest developments, like new work, new exhibitions planned, brick-and-mortae viewing room etc..

BOOKS & VIDEOS : we have made quite some videos and some printed books and e-books.

WEB SHOP : this is the only place on this web site where you can buy the art works offered.

EXHIBITIONS : There are amost all exhibitions organised since the eighties of the last century, solo and in group.

BIOGRAPHY : An information which gives the time-line of the life of Gabriêlla Cleuren.

OUTSIDE WORLD : my impressions of the outside world.

INSIDE WORLD : my impressions of my inside world.

PERSONAL WRITINGS : What I make, see, write, read, hear and visit

CONTACT : if you want to have a special question or a subscription on the newsletter.

PRIVATE : If you want to have a look of work of a period not shown, you always can sent us your e-mail adres and you get access to those specifiek works.










General information.

Gabriëlla Cleuren 

Artist / Owner

Mobile : +32 487 957 506

E-mail : gaby@gabriellacleuren.com



Wilhelmus Deutz

Assistant / Owner

Mobile : +32 477 280 562

E-mail : wil@gabriellacleuren.com


Mail address :

Van Landeghemstraat 86

B-9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium 


Phone : +32 3 777 6776

Fax     : +32 3 765 1710



Books I read, movies I saw, exhibitions I visited,  articles I write you find them in Personal writings >>


Award 2017 : Red Line Art Works >>


My membership of Rainforest Art Foundation Europe >>